Seasonal Themed Mini Sessions - $155 and up+  twenty minute session, flash with release form (These sessions are hosted on weekends during - Spring, Fall, Christmas)

Children & Immediate Family - $175 for an hour long session(weekdays only; Monday - Thursday before 4pm), $250 for an hour long session (Sunday & Saturday) ~ Flash Drive with release form (indoor or outdoor) 

***** $135 for twenty minutes (WEEKDAYS ONLY, must inform me when booking if you are taking advantage of this or you will be automatically scheduled for an hour)

Generational Family Photos - $350-750 for an hour long session, outdoors or indoors ~ Flash Drive with release form (Price is based on amount of people, age of people {because younger children require more face swaps} & location of the session)

(Travel Fees do apply, please inform me if you would like photos taken at a certain location when booking.)



Newborn Session - $350 for a two hour session with family and sibling photos, posed with props/swaddled & naked photos; Flash Drive with release form included

MINI Newborn Session - $200 for a one hour session posed with props/swaddled; Flash Drive with release form included – no naked or family/sibling photos, strictly baby only

(please tell me when booking if you are doing a newborn mini, or you will be scheduled & charged for a full newborn)


 Grow With Me - $1050+** includes Maternity(45min), FULL Newborn(2HR), 3mo(1HR), 6mo(1HR), 9mo(1HR), and 1 Year(1HR). Each session includes flash drive with release form at every session. I do have a payment plan per session; message me for details.


(Take $150 off if you opt out of Maternity, making the total $900 ; milestone sessions scheduled on WEEKENDS will have an extra $25 fee PER session – making each milestone $175 instead of $150 – ADD $150 TO THE PACKAGE PRICE - $1,200 total – please message me for questions!!)


Weddings & Senior 

We currently are not booking for any more weddings or senior sessions at this time. I'm sorry.



Here is a quick updated price list on digital conversions!

VHS, VHS-C, Sony 8mm Camcorder Tapes to DVD, per tape -- $12
(+$5 per copy)

OId Photography Prints, 35mm Slides or Negatives -- .40 an image to dvd or on flash drive for +$10

Reels of 8mm or Super8 Film, per reel -- $15 to $25 (depending on size)